Paper And Corrugated Box Testing Equipment

  1. Crush Tester Machine For Corrugated Boxes

    It is upper pressure plate fixed type, which has high precision and applies to the test of Ring Crush Test (RCT), Edge Crush Test (ECT), Flat Crush Test (FCT), Pin Adhesion Test(PAT) and Concora Medium Test(CMT) Option Testing methods.
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  2. Paper Softness Tester

    Paper Softness Tester mainly used for softness test for Sheet soft material like High-grade toilet paper, tobacco flakes, fiber fabrics etc.
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  3. Paper Bursting Strength Tester Machine

    Busting Tester is available to test a variety of materials, such as paper, fibreboard, textile. These models can also be fitted with a device to measure the deflection of the sample prior to burst.
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  4. Paper Tearing Strength Tester

    It is applied to the determination of tear resistance of paper, and also can be used for textile, plastic sheets, film, electrical tape, sheet metal etc.
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  5. Box Compression Strength Tester

    GT-N02A Type Compression Testing Machine with multi-function and high precision is designed to test the compressive strength of standard size corrugated box, or packages and containers made of other material with a compressive strength smaller than 30kN.
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