Mattress Tester

  1. Mattress Hardness Tester

    Mattress hardness tester is used to evaluate the firmness of the instrument.It is widely applied to foam products, mattress manufacturing, car seat manufacturers and other industries, which is used to laboratory test and quality control in production line.
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  2. Mattress Roller Tester

    The Mattress Roller Tester is an instrument for testing the bearing capacity and durability of various types of mattresses for long-term repetitive loads.
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  3. Mattress Impact Drop Tester

    Mattress impact tester is widely used to determine and assess the impact resistance of built-in and box-type mattress, to evaluate sofa and mattress sustaining rapid drop on seat or jumping stress ability.
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  4. Furniture Universal Testing Machine

    This tester is used for testing the mechanical properties of tables, desks, beds and chairs. Can perform the horizontal static load, vertical static load, impact test and durability test.
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  5. Foam Constant-load Pounding Fatigue Tester

    The Foam Constant-load Pounding Fatigue Tester used to determine the thickness reduced value and hardness decreased value of porous elastic materials used in interior decoration.
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  6. Foam Compression Tester

    This machine is designed to measure the firmness rating of a mattress before and after rolling, according to ASTM F1566.It is also used to determine firmness of Foam using AS2282,ASTM D3574 as reference standard.
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  7. Cornell Mattress Spring Fatigue Tester

    Mattress Spring Fatigue Tester is applied to test the endurance capacity under the long-term repetitive load and the compression deformation for the mattress, according to the standard ASTM F1566.
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  8. Shear Roller Test Machine

    The machine is intended to provide a means for the evaluation of foam samples utilising the shear roller.
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  9. Mattress Comprehensive Performance Tester

    This machine is the newest design mattress comprehensive performance tester according to EN 1957 , EN 1725 , QB/T 1952.2 , or ASTM F1566 standards.
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